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control. make it a great day, everybody. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, as a defiant north korea steps up its angry rhetoric in a second act of military aggression in less than a week. hello, everyone, i'm kelly wright, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers in for jamie colby. the leader of north korea today saying he was entering, a quote, state of war with south korea and yesterday issuing a direct threat to the united states, claiming to have its rockets on stand by and ready to strike at any moment. liz bem prann is live for us in washington on the latest developing story. elizabeth. >> along with the threat of war, just this morning, kim
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jong-un threatened to shut down the caisson industrial complex, a zone of industrial plants from both north and south korea not far from the border. the park which continues to operate normally produce 470 million dollars worth of goods last year alone. south korea says the threat is quote, unhelpful to the country's already unstable relations. and yet, the young leader continues his chest-pounding rhetoric with these photos of an elaborate rocket plan to targeting both military bases, as well as cities in the u.s. it's not believed that north korea has the missile technology to strike the u.s. mainland, but it's capable of targeting neighboring countries and even selected u.s. military bases within those regions. he claims to be responding to the military drills in neighboring south korea. state department officials say the decision to send the bombers was part of the normal exercise.
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they're not ignoring. >> rather than threaten to abrogate or threaten to move in some direction, the world would be best served if he would direct his people and make a decision himself to engage in a legitimate dialog, a legitimate negotiations. >> now, north and south korea have technically been at war for decades. the korean war ended in a truce and not a peace treaty back in 1953. >> elizabeth prann reporting live for us, thank you, elizabeth. >> jamie: we want to add context what's going on in north korea's military. that is over one thousand short and medium ranged missiles and armed forces have approximately 1.3 active personnel. now, the north also has over 600 combat aircrafts at its disposal, but when it comes to life style, well, the north korean people are practically living in the dark ages. i mean, this literally. take a look at this nighttime image, if you will, of the korean peninsula.
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south korea is lit up, as you can he see. but there is just a faint little around pyongyang in north korea, south korea per capita incomes are about 17 times those of north koreans. >> that's a fascinating image. >> jamie:. >> it is. a parachuting accident that killed a navy seal. investigators say it happened during a regular training exercise in arizona. we're also learning that the seal who died was a member of seal team six, that's the elite squad who killed usama bin laden. no word whether he participated in that. and this by the way is the third fatal military training accident since february. the other two incidents left 14 marines dead. >> a special obama clin--
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special dental clinic is looking at filthy conditions at a dental office. is this woman's eight-year-old daughter among them? >> it's just wrong. if you can't trust a doctor and a dentist, and the people that are supposed to do right by you, who can you trust? >> our david lee miller has been following the story and joins us now with more story. it's disturbing for parents out there or people in general. >> reporter: bad going to the dentist, but former patients of the former dr. harrington will never go to the dentist again. the people who saw the doctor may have been exposed to hiv and hepatitis. and state inspectors found rusty instruments and
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contaminated drug vials and improperly sterilized instruments. more than 75 people in line waiting to undergo the free tests. officials say it's first come, first serve. former patients say they feel betrayed by a man who was supposed to protect their health. >> god forbid something happens, i'll be jeopardized my entire life. >> you can't trust the doctors and dentists, people are supposed to do right by you, who do you trust. >> reporter: in addition to 7,000 former patients who have been identified. health department officials warn there could be. more although the doctor has been practicing more than three decades, his patient records, well, they only go back to the year 2007. in oklahoma, and many other states, dental offices are not routinely inspected for health code violations. experts say patients need to be aware that proper proceeds
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should be followed. >> reporter: when it comes to oral surgery. as i said, making sure your doctor is using gloves and the bedside manner, the way he uses the instruments. if it's sterilized they have to open the sterilized package in front of you. >> according to the centers for disease control and prevention, there have been only three documented cases of a patient contracting either hiv or hepatitis from a dental procedure. as for the doctor, he's now surrendered his license and not commented publicly since this health scare. kelly. >> david lee miller, quite a harrowing experience for people in tulsa, oklahoma. what can you do to make sure that you and your family are safe sitting in the dental chair. and coming up you saw dr. somati, he'll be here. >> indictment handed down in one of the nation's biggest school cheating scandals. nearly three dozen former
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atlanta educators, including the ex-superintendent facing charges encouraging children to cheat. the indictment alleges that the teachers helped children cheat to improve their test scores. a former superintendent made national headlines back in 2009 and she quit as 2011 as the investigation, denies being involved. but the district attorney says that she in fact sanctioned everything. largely because pay bonuses were tied to the students' performance. >> we're learning new information about the man suspected of killing colorado's prison chief at this hour. authorities now saying that parolee evan spencer ebel was released from prison three months early and listen to this, mostly due to his taking part in programs designed to encourage better behavior for
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prisoners in solitary confinement and the tragic irony in this. the man he's suspected of killing, tom clements was a big supporter of those programs. clements was killed earlier this month, shot in the chest as he answered the door at his home in colorado. ebel died a few days later after a shootout with police in texas after he led them on a high speed car chase. kelly. >> and thanks. this week, president obama keeping up the pressure on congress to take action on gun control legislation, surrounded by the mothers of shooting victims. the president warned against letting the memory of the sandy hook elementary school shooting fade away. >> less than 100 days ago that happened. and the entire country was shocked. the entire country pledged we could do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us.
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i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us if we've forgotten. >> so what will congress be able to accomplish with gun control? mark hannah at the new school and a former aide to john kerry and barack obama, president barack obama, and denean burrelly, outreach for freedom works, new for joining us, look, this is an emotional topic, no matter how you slice it on both sides of the aisle, everybody remembers what happened to the children at sandy hook elementary school, as well as the brave teachers who tried to help them. so when you look at the president actually gathered there with supporters of his efforts, how should the united states react and furthermore, how do you move forward with this kind of program, if you can? >> well, listen, my heart goes out to all of these families
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because this was really a horrible situation, but you know, what's really outrageous about this, kelly, i think that president obama is exploiting this tragedy for more federal gun control laws. and he isn't proposing anything to keep us safer, necessarily, he's proposing bigger government and he hasn't said anything about going after the mental health individuals and (inaudible). mo do you think he's trying to accomplish here. >> i've worked with progressive who felt passionately about this issue. what the president is trying to do here is to remind us all exactly how he we felt, what we thought on that day because if we don't remember our
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history we're doomed to repeat that and we've seen it in virginia tech, seen it in the aurora shootings. every time we have a massacre like this, people come out, democrats and republicans, and say we're going to do something about this and nothing ever gets done. a lot of talk from washington. so what the president is doing, absolutely he's pointing the finger and saying remember what you said the day after. let's make good on that promise to the american people and trying to keep congress honest, this is their job to represent their constituents. the vast majority of americans, the poor common sense gun legislation. a gun owner-- >> i don't want to interrupt you, based on the point you talk about the vast majority pointing it. there's a new statistic out there that shows that the support for new gun laws dropped some ten points and we'll take a look at the graph right there. and what i'm talking about, dropped from 57 to 47%. does that sway-- does that show that there's a swing in the sentiment right
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now or has it been that it's gone so far that people have forgotten it? >> god forbid if we forgot. the vicissitudes of public polling we could put any number on the screen and the point that deneen made about the president trying to exploit the tragedy. >> he is exploiting and-- >> no one has-- >> do you think as parenting-- >> we have a president sadly who is-- >> the parents of the boys and girls massacred were also there. were they also exploiting their kids' death? >> the president of the united states is trying to get more control over our individual freedom. the people who committed these tragedies. >> no, no, sorry. >> had mental health issues and you have to consider the fact that-- >> military style guns. >> so, what about enforcing our laws? and what about implementing mental health concerns so that
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we don't have this situation happening again? >> let me get a question to both of you, because-- we're getting into an area where everyone's talking yet nobody can hear. how do we move forward here? now matter how you look at it, something should be done, whether it's trying to change the course of human behavior, which is a very difficult task, but something has to be done so moving forward, what's the common ground, the common solution that we can come up with, instead of debate from both sides of the aisle and move this forward to make sure that something is done? >> yeah, this does need to be kelly, as i mentioned before the mental health issue has not been addressed. the criminal aspect. criminals are not obeying the law when it it comes to getting their hands on guns illegally, stop going after law abiding citizens and this should be a local issue, enforce the laws that he we currently have on the book. >> let me get mark in there, last word quickly, please. >> sure, justification that she's going is because the criminals are breaking the
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laws anyway, let's not make the laws to keep the military weapons because people are going to get them. if the laws we pass can prevent one more death it's imperative that our lawmakers consider them like they promised they would and i think in this day and age with gun violence as prevalent as it is, you can be pro gun and still pro gun safety, and common sense legislation. >> i think this is going to backfire on president obama politically. think about the democrats up for reelection in 2014. >> he cares about the-- >> i'm going to have to stop you there. >> thanks. >> you guys can continue to discuss this and maybe come up with a solution. >> thanks, kelly. >> thanks, deneen as well as mark. >> happy easter as well. >> new information on a massive landslide in washington state. take a look at these pictures. officials now constructing a path leading to the devastated cliff side neighborhood on whidbey island and they're also urging the public to stay
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clear of the site. the look at this before and after picture here, amazing. >> amazing. >> several properties damaged, obviously, there, nearly three dozen homes evacuated, kelly, as a result of this. dominic di-natale live with the latest and the situation out there. >> reporter: and an eye-popping sight there at whidbey island andivalent of 40,000 dump truckloads onto the shore. the authorities can't get over the scale of how much the earth moved. take a listen. >> this is a surprise of its size, it's huge. tremendously large landslide we weren't expecting, no one expects these types of things, we're constantly watching the areas adjacent or other areas that look at this that they're not experiencing issues as you were saying the authorities are keeping the public back and desperate to see what the
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damage may be and salvage anything in case the situation gets worse. and also, the island county emergency department started friday was building a path through the debris and all terrain vehicles can get in there and a dozen properties cut off. it's been a bit of progress in addition to the road being built and water is back on, but not the lights and no indication when that power will come back on. also looking like it will be expensive for those because they're mostly vacation homes that got damaged, indications are that regular home and business insurance won't be covering the landslide. a geo technical first to test the area and determine how long the land shift has been active, but scientists say that whidbey island has been moving slowly for ten years, a part of a larger earth shift that may date back as far as 11,000 years. >> 11,000 years ago, no vacation homes there, though.
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thank you, dominic. >> it's been more than five months since superstorm sandy. >> i can't believe it's been five months. >> and growing outrage, 1,000 families are still without a home and living in hotel rooms around new york city, and wait until you hear how much all this is costing you. >> plus, the debate over the keystone pipeline heating up again. why the obama administration is refusing to move forward on a project that some describe as a quote, no-brainer. >> it's one of the hottest shows on television, airing its season finale on easter sunday. coming up "beyond a dream" takes a look behind the mind of the mini series, "the bible." mom? who's mom? i'm the giants mascot. eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup has tasty pieces of chicken with rice and beans. you know the giants don't have a mascot right mom? [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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>> what a great animation, happy easter, pope francis marking good friday yesterday leading the cross procession through rome commemorating the final hours of the life of jesus christ. thousands of victims ever superstorm sandy are still living in hotels five months later. they say the victims will be placed in houses soon and the
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hotels stays are ending april 30th. and growing outrage in cyprus as depositors contribute to the country's financial rescue plan and customers with deposits of more than 120,000 could take losses up to 60%. >> heather: imagine that? up to 60%. well, the g.o.p. is blessing president obama to approve the keystone pipeline calling it a no-brainer in a republican wookly address, the congressman from nebraska says the pipeline would give the ailing u.s. economy a shot in the arm and make energy more affordable. despite that the obama administration has held up the project citing environmental concerns. james rosen is joining us with washington with more details. james? >> heather, good afternoon, about two weeks remain in a 45-day period of public comment on the latest environmental impact study released on keystone and after that in mid april. the ball will be back in the
10:23 am
administration's court. portions of the 175-mile pipeline are being built and portions held up by the obama administration, citing, as you say, environmental concerns. as envisioned by the trans-canada corporation the pipeline would be the second of two. the first is already pumping close to 600,000 barrels of oil a day in from canada. and the second would bring online an estimated 830,000 barrels a day. >> it's now been more than 1600 days since the initial permits were filed for building the pipeline. to put that in perspective, it took the united states a little more than 1300 days to win world war ii. and it took lewis and clark about 1100 days to walk the louisiana purchase and back. . >> reporter: aides to president obama who visited the port of miami yesterday drum up support for new infrastructure spending, say thousands of miles of pipeline have already been built under this administration, as part of an all of the above approach to energy
10:24 am
development. >> we're headed towards a future that will make us more energy independent and therefore more secure, less dependent on the resources of countries and regions that be volatile, less subject to the fluctuations and prices of oil and gas and that's a good thing. >> just yesterday, the environmental protection agency proposed new regulations on the levels of sulfur and gasoline and emissions from tail pipes. they could take effect in 2017 and the white house said it could reduce the number of asthma deaths and deaths from respiratory illness, and energy resources say the new mandates could add up to 9 cents a gallon on the cost of gasoline at the pump, heather. >> and that adds up for families. james rosen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
10:25 am
mark burnett and roma downey are the producers of the popular television mini series "the bible." one thing you may not know about this couple, how they came to this country to pursue the american dream and now they're sharing the history of the bible, which they believe helps all people live beyond a dream. >> we love the bible. we're christians and we believe and it's a calling. there's no other way to explain it. we just knew that we had to do this. >> mark burnett and roma downey are a married couple deeply in love with each other, they share abiding faith in god. in fact, they say their love story is one of the motivating factors that compelled them to produce what they considered to be the greatest story ever told, "the basebaible." . >> it started out over a conversation over a cup of tea, in irish tradition
10:26 am
everything could get settled over a cup of tea, said to mark, wouldn't it be great if we could bring to the screen the story of the bible told in a way for a new generation. ♪ >> the bible cal characters come to life in the hit series. millions of viewers have been watching the series which chronicles the bible from genesis to revelations and they set out to make the program gritty and authentic. >> it's a book that changes life and we see here that this will reach out and i think the faithful will find it, but there's an opportunity here for the stories. everybody should know this. the bible is the cornerstone
10:27 am
of our culture. >> what are we going to do? >> and mark and roma believe the bible is the foundation of society. they focused on reaching people beyond their christian faith. >> this is the most important story that the history of western civilization by far and it was important to make it in a way that was heartfelt and relevant. >> and we really wanted to make it to be a human story to be connected and engage and relate and wouldn't feel it's a story from thousands of years ago. >> kelly: what was it it like for the two of you growing up and realizing that you wanted to accomplish something greater, you wanted to accomplish the american dream. >> we both come from very poor families in very working class neighborhoods and came to
10:28 am
america in search of the american dream, with nothing, and this is a country that opens doors. >> kelly: and it's certainly opened doors for mark and roma. they both are hoping their bible series will be used to teach young students the foundation of the bible, to show its impact on art, literature, history and human development. >> heather: so what were they like in person? >> incredibly warm, incredibly friendly i love them. just a good couple, a good example for a lot of people. >> heather: for everyone, especially on this easter weekend. >> kelly: exactly. >> heather: thanks, kelly. the obama administration announcing a sweeping new regulation that are sparking worries of pushing gas prices even higher. we'll tell you about the new rules and how they might cost you at the pump. >> kelly: and plus, a growing look at tensions on the korean peninsula. kim jong-un making a new call to arms today. how serious is the threat? we'll discuss it next.
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>> welcome back, a fox news alert. north korea ramping up the high octane rhetoric today saying it's in a state of war with south korea. this following north korean dictator's kim jong-un's latest threat to strike the u.s. mainland. warning he is ready to quote, settle accounts with the u.s. after stealth bombers were to korea. and are these threats or bluste joining us now with some more insight, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, heather. >> heather: how serious should we take the threats from north korea? >> the rhetoric has been the same for decades from this kim and from his father and grandfather. i think we need to focus not on the rhetoric, but on the technology. north korea is moving forward very aggressive will with the
10:34 am
advanced ballistic missile technology and tested three nuclear weapons, this is a serious proliferation threat to the region and the world. >> on that note, i do want to take a look at the picture released by north korea and the state media so we need to say that and it's of kim and his senior generals huddled in front and you can see there, a map alleging that this would be their envisioned strikes of american cities on both americans coasts and titled the map "u.s. mainland strike plan." how realistic is that and what do we know about the arsenal. >> we know yet they can't hit the continental united states by the nuclear tipped mechanism. we've always been surprised by their ballistic development and nuclear, they went nuclear without us detecting it. so we've got to be prepared for an unforeseen circumstance where north korea could one day hit the continental united states to a nuclear tipped missile or transfer it to
10:35 am
iran. >> heather: they've got 1.43 active personnel. they went nuclear without us knowing so how do we in fact know what they have or don't have. >> that's the problem and they're a hermit kingdom. from a missile or ballistic mechanism point of view, we've been surprised. china went nuclear, russia, north korea, perhaps iran. we have he been surprised time and time again our intelligence services got it wrong. >> heather: let's move beyond north korea and what do you think is the lesson we need to take from what's going on now. you mentioned north korea and ties to syria. >> we know in 2007 that the north koreans actually sold a nuclear react are to north korea, and syria would have nuclear weapons today if israel hadn't decided in 2007 to strike that nuclear reactor before it went active. so it's a terrible situation, we could be face ago syria today where there's a fight
10:36 am
between iran and hezbollah on one hand and al-qaeda on the other side and could be fighting over the nuclear welcomes. north korea's proliferation is a serious concern and that is something i think that hasn't gotten a lot of attention. >> and north korea and iran specifically? >> there's an extensive cooperation going on between north korea and iran today. we know that a senior architect of iran's program and witnessing a north korea nuclear test, extensive cooperation. they've been cooperating for years on advanced ballistic missiles. we've got to focus on north korea's technology because that's going to end up in iranian hands one day. >> you mentioned the nuclear test, one on february 12th, i believe, that resulted in additional u.n. sanctions. could this all be a move by kim jong-un to perhaps draw washington and the united states into maybe additional aid for north korea? >> well, that certainly has been his m-o and the m-o of his father and grandfather.
10:37 am
the problem with north korea they threaten us when we sanction them and when we lift sanctions and try to engage in five-party talks to come to compromise. they threaten us and it's a constant game of threats and ratcheting up the pressure. this is a rogue regime that understands when you have nuclear weapons, it's a different game and iran is watching. >> who has the greatest chance of negotiating with them or saying, hey, you know, let's back down with the threats? >> well, for years we've really tried to get the chinese engaged in this and we thought that the chinese were very concerned about a nuclear north korea. the reality is that the chinese are much more concerned about the implosion of the north korean regime and how the tens of millions of starving north korean refugees over their borders and concerned about a korean peninsula, and pro-- >> which has been the stated goal. >> that's right and the chinese do not want that.
10:38 am
while they may not like north korea and bellicose behavior, their greatest fear from a national security point of view is a unified north korea. >> what about a possibility of a localized conflict escalating. >> there's always a chance of that. these provocations can obviously lead to miscalculation at any time and you could see an exchange over the korean peninsula. i would think that at this point we are trying to contain this, we're trying to ratchet down the pressure, we set the b-2 bombers to send a clear message to kim that we're serious about protecting south korea and our asian allies and i think the risks of a full scale multi-escalation are low right now. i think the greatest risk right now is really in the middle, it's the lessons iran is drawing from north korea and the fact that iran today is 15 months away from achieving an undetectible nuclear weapon. they're watching to see how he we respond to this. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate that insight and some additional thoughts
10:39 am
on it that we hadn't heard so far. >> thanks, heather. >> heather: kelly. >> kelly: sobering insights from both of you. how the new plan by the obama administration to crack down on auto emissions could end up costing you. we've got that coming up and it could cost you more than just at the pump.
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>> welcome back. a group of airports filing suit over the government's plans to shut down their control towers. the f.a.a. is slashing funding for 150 towers because of forced spending cuts known as sequestration. but the airports say the cuts break the law by endangering passengers. the five airports are in central illinois, washington state and florida. they want the courts to stop the plan and force the f.a.a. to reconsider the cuts. >> the obama administration unveiling tough new emissions standards for the gasoline
10:44 am
industry. now, officials claim the plan will cut down pollutants in our air, saving lives and billions in long-term health care costs. but critics say it means higher prices at the gas pumps and at the car dealerships. from private health wellness strategies. michael, good to have you with us this afternoon. look, we saw a story from james rosen, our national correspondent in washington talking about this and also talking about why there's some hesitancy to move forward with this. do you think that the president is moving in the right direction with this, though? >> well, i think any of us that have stood behind an automobile and breathed in the fumes, it's not something that's a real good thing for your health. i'm not an active card carrying environmentalist, but i'm not a head in the sand kind of guy and kelly, we have to do something about this and i think the time is now. there will be some down side, but i think the upside outweighs it.
10:45 am
>> what's the upside in your opinion, michael? >> well, i think the upside, we're only going to have more and more cars and i think that we've got to do something that eliminates some of the toxic fumes that are coming out of them. we have many states, california already of course, another 4 or 5 others that are mandating things like that. and i think anytime that you can do something, i read one study that for every dollar that's spent on this, we could save as a nation over $7 on health care costs and health care costs probably the single biggest issue facing the country right now in many ways. >> kelly: you know, it's good that you point that out, but critics would also point out, for example, they would say with $4 a gallon of gas, the norm in many parts of the country, we cannot simply-- we can't afford to do this right now. >> well, i think as we've seen, certainly, you know, you and i have talked about this over the last 12, 18, 24 months, gas prices do what gas prices do, whether you believe
10:46 am
that it's all a big conspiracy by big oil or simply supply and demand issues, but i'll say this, if their high end of the range, kelly, adding 9 cents a gallon to our cost at the pump. even if you fill up the tank with 40 gallons a week, every single 52 weeks of the year, will add about $187 to your overall gasoline cost and of course, if you're 16 a month. you know, no matter what your income, i think as a trade-off for a lot cleaner air, i think that sounds fair to me. >> michael, you do say and point out that that would bring down the cost of health care because it would stop some of these respiratory illnesses that people receive, such as asthma and do you think that gas is inducing it or aggravating it, the emissions? >> well, you know, that's a great question. i mean, i just drove into the studio through bumper to bumper traffic in philadelphia and you know, i'm not doctor,
10:47 am
but i just can't imagine it's good for you. do i think it's inducing it or aggravating it, that i can't even, but i would tell you, i can't imagine it's doing anybody any good. >> michael, final question for you, i'm sorry. i didn't mean to cut you off. but i wanted to ask you this, additional cuts while cost just as much according to some people who studied this and some people say that it's okay to move forward, but saying at the same time. wait a minute, let's put the breaks on this, make it slower and one, we want to make sure we know of no other air pollution strategy that could achieve cost effective mandate, but other people saying that the epa and just moving forward, this might not be the right time at all? >> well, i think you've got a lot of big oil money talking. >> kelly: it's talking, talking big. >> yeah, and it's going to cost 10 billion dollars upfront, another 2.4 billion dollars a year to handle this, but put it in perspective. the big five oil companies in
10:48 am
2012 made over 100 billion dollars of profits. so, as far as wait, wait, wait, that sounds to me like stall, stall, stall, push back the expenses. something like this can't roll out overnight. kelly, how long do you want to wait for cleaner air. >> kelly: michael seymour, and thank you for driving in all of that traffic in philadelphia. happy easter to you. >> happy easter, everybody. >> heather: well, coming up, a frightening health scare raising fears nationwide. thousands of patients treated by a dentist now being urged to get treated for hiv and hepatitis. how you can help yourself on the next trip to the dentist. >> get your kids to try to be safe and by taking them to a doctor, a dentist, you're doing the right thing and then here, you hear, you know, maybe changed 7,000 people's
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>> we have been talking about this throughout the hour. a frightening situation in oklahoma raising fears nationwide. 7,000 patients being told that they may have been exposed to
10:53 am
hiv and hepatitis while visiting a specific dentist. so, what advice should you take when you visit your dentist. let's bring in dr. david sm somati from the a-team and division of robotics at mount sinai hospital. these are viruses typically you hear about being spread through intravenous drug use or unprotected sexual contact. not specifically at a dentist. he was an oral surgeon. >> heather, this is a shocking story and i feel bad for the 7 7,000 patients that thought he they were getting good care and wait three weeks for the results of the hiv and hepatitis. among the two, hepatitis b and
10:54 am
c, it's worse hiv we have treatments. hepatitis could be deadly. he's not a dentist, he's an oral surgeon. what that means, he's working in the jaw, he's pulling, working with blood and the fact that the instruments were going from one patient to the other, not sterilized. reusing needles and these were rusty, it's beyond malpractice to these patients. >> how do you know if your dentist or your doctor is in fact, you know, doing the same? how do you know if he's using sterilized instruments? >> well, you need to pay attendance and i think that as a patient, as a consumer, when you make your first phone call, realize how they answer the phone. you walk into the waiting room and pay attention to the interaction between the doctor and nurses. when i go to my dentist this is the whole ritual how they take care of me which i really like. there's an empty tray. they open up a sterile towel,
10:55 am
they open up the sterile instruments in front of me and the doctor is wearing gloves. let's say he gets a phone call, has a phone call, the gloves come off and puts on other sterile gloves. the techniques that myself as a surgeon and an oral surgeon should use. and let me just say that there are fantastic doctors and surgeons out there who do the best for their patients and this is a rare event and we had the same exact thing last year, a doctor in colorado. 8,000 patients were affected. six patients were found to have hiv whether directly as a result. >> he was using outdated medication and his assistants were performing procedures that in fact the doctor should have been performing himself. >> part of the practice, you're right. the fact that there's medications that are 20 years old and expiration date is gone, not acceptable. part of the problem was that also he was taking care of a lot of medicaid patients who were really at high risk, this particular practice with a lot
10:56 am
of hiv and help hepatitis patients, and the rule of practice, as a surgeon treat everybody as if they have hiv and hepatitis. you double glove and making sure that the physician's tools are effective and your staff have have up-to-date and working relationship. i heard he was blaming the nurses and staff. no room for that. >> heather: and saying it was their responsibility. as a patient make sure you pay attention. >> kelly: you gave us good advice how to be proactive even in the doctor's office which we have to do. for more on this and all the stories the doctor is covering, watch him and dr. marc siegel every sunday on sunday house call. that will do it for us. i'm kelly wright. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the journal editorial report is next. my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors
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